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Retail Viewpoint - Kingfisher A tale of two subsidiaries. While overall …
November 2017

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Retail Viewpoint - The Range The Range logs another pleasing double-digit …
November 2017

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November 2017

Three more home improvement companies have joined BHETA
Three more home improvement companies have joined BHETA Barton Storage Systems …
November 2017

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About us

BHETA ProductsThe British Home Enhancement Trade Association, generally known as BHETA, is the leading trade association for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in the DIY, Housewares, Garden and Home Improvement markets.

With an ever increasing membership including many of the top brands, it can genuinely claim to represent the views, products and services of the vast majority of businesses in these sectors.

BHETA is ahead of other trade associations because it creates sales success as well as providing advice. It represents £9 billion at retail sales and over 11,000 employees.

If you are a retailer looking for up to the minute comment, for suppliers, for distributors or buyers in the UK and overseas, or for products, why not visit the BHETA Retailer Zone pages.

BHETA’s biggest role is probably helping its members drive sales and increase market share. Whether that’s through networking and speaker events with the top names in retail, specific advice for individual supplier members, overseas research, or even by organizing fantastically successful ‘Meet the Buyer’ days at home and abroad, BHETA really adds value to the DIY and Housewares markets and to individual member businesses. Not only that, but it can provide an extensive range of top name market research reports, sales information and qualified data base content – all at heavily discounted rates – as well as excellent deals on exhibition attendance and associated travel.

For members seeking advice or information on all aspects of business improvement or compliance, BHETA also enables access to a wide range of professional services which are delivered by approved suppliers at extremely competitive prices. Moreover, through its links with government departments, institutions, trade bodies and agencies, BHETA also provides an influential lobbying mechanism for its members.

Members of BHETA always say they can recoup their joining fee and more by making the most of the added value BHETA delivers. It’s a not-for-profit organisation, entirely funded by member subscriptions. More importantly, it’s one of the most proactive and successful trade organisations in existence.

Explore the BHETA site to find out why.

To join BHETA

BHETA members make up more than 50% of the total DIY and Housewares market. This makes BHETA one of the leading trade associations and a powerful and influential voice for the industry.


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