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21 Nov 2017
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Retailer Trade Profiles


BHETA Retailer Trade Profiles now available for members

In a new service linked to its very successful ‘Meet the Buyer’ days, BHETA is making detailed profiles of the leading multiple retailers available to members.

Already available are documents detailing trade profiles for B&Q & Wilko.

The profiles which include statistics, contacts and detailed information about strategy and trading have been produced for BHETA by Steve Collinge of Insight DIY. The programme will continue in line with BHETA’s ‘Meet the Buyer’ schedule, each event triggering a new document which will be supplied automatically to attendees and then made available to members in general.

Paul Grinsell of BHETA said, “We have always provided information and presentation templates for our members to enable them to get the best out of the ‘Meet the Buyer’ programme. It seemed logical to formalise this into an accompanying series of documents that cover all the knowledge that is essential for suppliers seeking strategic alignment with their target retail partners. With Steve’s help, we’ve achieved a really current and comprehensive suite of information which we will expand on an ongoing basis.”

BHETA members interested in securing copies of the trade profiles and / or information about future events should contact BHETA Member Services.

For further information contact:
BHETA Member Services
Tel: 0121 237 1130 or email info@bheta.co.uk

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