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Massive response to BHETA TV briefing

BHETA has enjoyed a great response to an appeal it received from Spun Gold TV, looking for BHETA members to supply products for its forthcoming primetime series: Love Your Home and Garden.

With audience reaction anticipated as the best since TV winners of the past like Changing Rooms and Ground Force, BHETA was approached to facilitate the new ITV series in which deserving people are rewarded with a surprise interior and exterior make-over. 

The show is planned to be shown on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm with expected ratings of 3.5 million. Filming begins in March.

Suppliers donating products will get a ‘With Thanks To’ credit on screen at the end of the programme and a direct weblink to supplier’s website on the ITV show website along with a possible image of the product and promotional descriptive sentence. There will also be the ability for suppliers to tweet advance notice of their product’s appearance the day before the episode is shown. The best products will also feature in the ‘Get The Look’ section.

BHETA members were supplied with contact details for the programme.

Companies interested in more information can contact:
BHETA Member Services
Tel:0121 237 1130.

Source: BHETA

March 2017

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