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December 2017

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Doulton Water Filters

Doulton Water Filters

Lymedale Cross, 
Lower Milehouse Lane
Tel:  01782 664420
Fax:  01782 664490
Map to Doulton Water Filters



Britain's longest established water filter manufacturer Doulton®, provides its customers with natural ceramic filters that improve the taste and odour of tap water whilst retaining the good minerals that make water healthy...Its like having spring water directly from the tap!
Doulton® point-of-use filters are amongst the most versatile water filters available today; with a range of ceramic grades which provide greater flexibility to treat a variety of contaminants in drinking water supplies. 
Product development includes contemporary new designs for the home kitchen. 
High quality standards are why Douton® is so well known and respected for use in homes around the world. Customers can expect the same high quality from the filters every time they are used.

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