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BHETA attracts more DIY members
BHETA attracts more DIY members Another two home improvement companies have …
October 2017

BHETA explores today's routes to market
BHETA explores today's routes to market BHETA’s networking forum on September …
October 2017

EasiYo joins BHETA
EasiYo joins BHETA Make at home yogurt brand, EasiYo has joined …
October 2017

Housewares opportunities at BHETA forum
Housewares opportunities at BHETA forum BHETA’s next networking forum is to …
October 2017

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Invicta Retail Consultancy Ltd

Invicta Retail Consultancy Ltd

Mockbeggar House
Wilsley Green
TN17 2LG
Tel:  07958 712804
Map to Invicta Retail Consultancy Ltd



Invicta Retail Consultancy Ltd: Packaging, Pricing & Presentation.
Invicta Retail will work with you to develop a comprehensive product offer with packaging that communicates the benefits of your product to the consumer and a pricing structure that ensures relevance to your market. 
With over 20 years of experience sourcing products internationally for a range of high street retailers Invicta understands the retailers' requirements when selecting product and can help you effectively presenting your range to the market. 
Focusing on Packaging, Pricing & Presentation throughout the development of your product will ensure a rounded and well thought out entry into the Homewares market allowing you to stand out from the crowd. 

Our award-winning business intelligence software is primarily designed for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies – anyone who sells a wide range of products to a varied customer base. Most of our current users are in sales & marketing, management, finance, purchasing and IT.
Based in Staffordshire, we’re a business development expert. From market research to product development. From design to digital, mobile apps to public relations, websites to sales. SEO to customer relationship management.