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December 2017

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Espresso Supply

Espresso Supply

C/O Beam Group
Unit 20
Buckingham Business Park
CB24 4AE
Tel:  01954 231 616
Fax:  2067898221
Map to Espresso Supply



For Bonavita®, all the research, refinement, taste-testing, awards and certifications boil down to one thing: giving the consumer the power to consistently brew their ideal cup, quickly and easily. We've created SCAA-certified one-touch coffee brewers, digital kettles with variable temperature ranges, and other tools to simplify the pour-over process.
One touch brewing for ease of use makes Bonavita's new 8-Cup Glass Carafe Brewer a kitchen workhorse. It features a
pre-infusion mode to evenly saturate coffee grounds for optimal flavour. 
Its 1560-watt heater quickly reaches and maintains the ideal 92° - 96°C water temperature.
Bonavita has over 80 specialty coffee accounts in more than 20 countries with markets including the UK, Germany, Scandanavia, The Netherlands and via Amazon UK. Bonavita is part of the Espresso Supply catalog. Since 1993 Espresso Supply has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry providing small wares and equipment to cafes around the world. The company is recognized as one of the largest coffee-specific suppliers with wholesale and international business in addition to their original catalog of specialty small wares. 
Based in Seattle, Espresso Supply Inc. delivers an acclaimed collection of inspired goods for the coffee connoisseur. The company has a satellite European HQ and distribution facility in the Netherlands. In 2013 Espresso supply entered the consumer market with their new line of Bonavita coffee equipment and electronics. 

Our award-winning business intelligence software is primarily designed for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies – anyone who sells a wide range of products to a varied customer base. Most of our current users are in sales & marketing, management, finance, purchasing and IT.
Based in Staffordshire, we’re a business development expert. From market research to product development. From design to digital, mobile apps to public relations, websites to sales. SEO to customer relationship management.