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BHETA attracts more DIY members
BHETA attracts more DIY members Another two home improvement companies have …
October 2017

BHETA explores today's routes to market
BHETA explores today's routes to market BHETA’s networking forum on September …
October 2017

EasiYo joins BHETA
EasiYo joins BHETA Make at home yogurt brand, EasiYo has joined …
October 2017

Housewares opportunities at BHETA forum
Housewares opportunities at BHETA forum BHETA’s next networking forum is to …
October 2017

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As the leading global information services provider, Experian helps businesses to make better decisions and perform more profitably by: Delivering data, insight and analytics to target new customers more effectively and increase revenue Maintaining extensive credit databases to limit loss and minimise credit risk Automating the debt collection process to recover more debt from more customers, while reducing costs Developing customer management strategies to increase revenue opportunities Protecting assets with tools and insights to prevent fraud.

Our award-winning business intelligence software is primarily designed for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies – anyone who sells a wide range of products to a varied customer base. Most of our current users are in sales & marketing, management, finance, purchasing and IT.
Based in Staffordshire, we’re a business development expert. From market research to product development. From design to digital, mobile apps to public relations, websites to sales. SEO to customer relationship management.