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Zircon Corporation Ltd opens new operation in the UK Zircon Corporation, …
January 2018

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December 2017

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December 2017

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BHETA Forum highlights Housewares Opportunities A packed house of more than …
December 2017

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International Innovation Company

International Innovation Company

Building 341/5
Rushock Trading Estate
Tel:  01299 250 480
Fax:  01299 251 559
Map to International Innovation Company



Manufacturer and supplier of all Vacu Vin products.

The Vacu Vin range has proven its success by being granted 20 International Design and Trade Awards.

Products include the winemaster corkscrew and foilcutters, vacuum wine savers, 'ultra-fast' rapid ice drinks chillers and the fantastic new wine server crystal!

Our award-winning business intelligence software is primarily designed for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies – anyone who sells a wide range of products to a varied customer base. Most of our current users are in sales & marketing, management, finance, purchasing and IT.
Based in Staffordshire, we’re a business development expert. From market research to product development. From design to digital, mobile apps to public relations, websites to sales. SEO to customer relationship management.