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Zircon Corporation Ltd opens new operation in the UK
Zircon Corporation Ltd opens new operation in the UK Zircon Corporation, …
January 2018

Retail Viewpoint - Carpetright
Retail Viewpoint - Carpetright Investment in store environment and customer service …
December 2017

DIY Week Awards 2018
DIY Week Awards 2018 The deadline for entries to the UK …
December 2017

BHETA Forum highlights Housewares Opportunities
BHETA Forum highlights Housewares Opportunities A packed house of more than …
December 2017

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Gourmet Gadgetry

Gourmet Gadgetry

58 Appledore Ave
Greater London
Tel:  01322 901025
Fax:  01322 901030
Map to Gourmet Gadgetry



Gourmet Gadgetry was founded in November 2011 by Lisa and Luke Scott, who saw a gap in the UK market for premium-quality party food products. The company has grown from a passion for entertaining with food and has become synonymous with quality kitchenware gadgets that radiate style and inspire. Our products are manufactured to look as appealing as the food or drink that each gadget produces. They are combined with recipes and serving suggestions, allowing the user to experiment with their creative skills in the kitchen. We have become far more pro-active with the individuals who purchase our products. Gourmet Gadgetry has a showcase website full of ideas, recipes and serving suggestions for having fun with food and entertaining. We demonstrate the products in our retailers’ stores (John Lewis and Lakeland) and are always looking for new ways to inspire our customers’ culinary skills.

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