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BHETA welcomes Blendtec and Toastabags

Luba Distribution and Planit Products are the latest housewares companies to join BHETA.

With over 60 years of B2B experience, the family run LUBA GmbH in Germany has established itself as an EU-wide distributor for over 1000 high quality small domestic appliances including many premium brands. Serving the UK, Republic of Ireland and Cyprus markets, LUBA Distribution Ltd was formed in 2016. One of its key brands is Blendtec. Known in the USA as “the most advanced Blender in the World”, Blendtec is a professional product, now adapted for retail. With a 4-model product lineup and 3 accessory jars, the Blendtec Classic 575 (available in 6 colours), Designer 625 (available in 7 colours), Designer 725 (available in 2 colours) now join the Professional 800.

Malvern-based Planit Products is the manufacturer and inventor of toastabags®, the quick and easy way to make a toasted sandwich in a toaster. Planit Products manufactures toastabags® as well as many other products such as quickasteam microwave steam bags, quickachips and oven liners.

Source: BHETA

May 2017

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