Fediyma world DIY report

fediyma logoThe European Federation of DIY Manufacturers was created in March 2000. Its founding members are BHETA, Germany’s Herstellerverband Haus & Garten and Unibal of France. FEBIN in Belgium and AFEB in Spain have also joined.

Why fediyma?

With the DIY, including the gardening sector, business becoming increasingly global, it is important that European manufacturers and suppliers have access to the strength and support of a European federation. The formation of a European Federation of DIY Manufacturers reflects the growing international status of this region and provides its member companies with the competitive advantage that comes from being part of both a national association and a European federation.

The world DIY market report

The report is a comprehensive study recording the dynamics of the world DIY marketplace. It will enhance your ability to keep track of the retail players throughout the world and provide a better understanding of the world situation. Sales figures are, in the main, based on the last fiscal year.

  • Records those companies who are selling hardware/home improvement products to consumers per country
  • Details which international markets each DIY focused retailer operates in, and their future plans
  • Explains the relationship between certain retailers, buying groups and co-operatives
  • Constitutes an important list of future business prospects with many contact details included
  • Provides an overview of the world’s most important markets and emerging markets to ensure that you are… “Better Prepared for tomorrow”

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The reports are available to all BHETA members at a discounted rate.

For further information contact:

BHETA Member Services
Tel: 0121 237 1130 or e-mail info@bheta.co.uk