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Ciret Limited

Ciret Limited

Total Logistics Building
Fulflood Road
Leigh Park
P09 5AX
Tel:  02392 457450
Fax:  02392 457452
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Established in 1961, Ciret Limited has grown to supply nearly 4000 specific products to around 1500 retailers for the painting and decorating industries. The company has developed direct links to manufacturers, innovators and business partners. The success of Ciret Limited plays a key role in modelling an industry in which it is vital to preserve and maintain value to ensure sustainability. Throughout the years, the company has provided a friendly and reliable service based on good values and close business partnerships. The Storch-Ciret Group Ciret Limited is part of the Storch-Ciret Group of companies with headquarters in Wuppertal and Wangen, Germany. The Storch-Ciret Group is a fresh merger between the Storch Holdings Group and the Ciret Holdings Group, who together have over 175 years of experience and growth in the industry. This merger has produced the third largest enterprise in the industry in terms of revenue and headcount. The group is constantly striving for excellence in quality and development of innovative ideas to bring to the market. Also by working closely with their business partners are able to offer tailor made solutions and new concepts in design, fabrics, packaging etc, including own branding of product ranges. Ciret Limited now use this expertise to bring this concept directly to the UK market. For more company information, please visit: and